Find and Book a Cleaner

Currently, I'm working on a platform for domestic cleaners called Helpwiz.

Helpwiz is a peer-to-peer marketplace for domestic cleaners in the UK. The basic idea is that cleaners list on the website, and Helpwiz provides background checks and damage guarantees for bookings. Clients can then find and book a cleaner - choosing any available cleaner based on their ratings and reliability, for any time they're available.

I started on this project in 2016, when I noticed that existing online cleaner booking companies were either not giving customers a free choice of cleaner, or were not allowing a single-pass booking process. In addition, as I researched it, it became clear that most cleaning companies:

  • Exploited their cleaners by taking huge commissions.
  • Exploited their customers by insisting on a multi-month up-front payment or lock-in.
  • Broke employment law by categorising their cleaners as "self-employed" when they in fact controlled who got the jobs.

I therefore decided, in partnership with Sharon Givon, to make Helpwiz a truly fair and transparent marketplace for domestic cleaners. You can now find a cleaner in London, find a cleaner in Edinburgh, and several other cities across the UK.

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