Find a Cleaner in London, Edinburgh, Coventry and Reading

As mentioned on the Helpwiz page, I've been working on an easy solution for clients to find and book independent cleaners in the UK. Helpwiz is an online marketplace allowing clients to easily book an independent, background-checked cleaner. - A marketplace for independent domestic cleaners

A lot of existing cleaning companies have tended to be exploitative of their cleaners, take very large commissions, and fail to provide choice to their customers. The idea behind Helpwiz is that customers can book any cleaner they choose, after seeing the cleaners' reviews and ratings. It is also designed to be transparent and commitment-free, meaning that any client can cancel without any lock-in period or any up-front commitment.

Program Sites
This is the home of Terragen, the program I used to render my landscapes.

Gallery and Resource Sites
German site with a number of impressive Terragen pictures.
Luc Bianco's Terragen Gallery - a very impressive Terragen only collection.

Other Fractal Sites and Galleries

Fractal Arts
Traditional 2D fractals site by Doug Harrington, with some of the best 2D fractal pictures on the net.

Fractal Extreme
Traditional Fractals Program