Gallery 3: Photography

There are three galleries of images. This is the photography gallery. To see a gallery of fractal landscape images, click IMAGES. To see a gallery of other computer-generated art, click IMAGES 2. Prints are available of many of these photos. See PRINTS.

There are now eighteen distinct sub-galleries to this page, as below:

Galapagos Islands, February 2006

Peru, January 2006

Chilean Patagonia, December 2005

Argentinian Patagonia, December 2005

Wales, Winter 2005

Spain, Autumn 2005

Misc, England 2005

New Zealand, Winter 2005

France, Summer 2005

Switzerland, Winter 2004 - 2005

The Hebrides and Lakes, May 2003

Guernsey, Easter 2003

Cotswolds, August 2002

Switzerland, August 2002

Switzerland, July 2002

Scotland and the Hebrides, Easter 2002

Switzerland, Winter 2001/2002

Miscellaneous Gallery